Monday, February 5, 2007

South of the Border BOOZE

So this guy I work with is in town from Argentina. Good guy. Whatever. I figure I should bring him out for some BOOZE on Friday. So I axe him: "What do you want to do tonight?" And he says: "Whatever you would normally do." So... we head to my friend's basement to sit in front of the wood stove drinking everything that is put in arm's reach. International tourism, USA-style!

So we pick up a few bottles of wine and some beer and head over there. There are already the standard six other participants in their normal spots, you know, BOOZIN. So we sit down and we start drinking. Next thing you know, we're talking politics. And you know what happens when you start talking politics... the hard shit comes out! Now we're really getting started!

Obviously on the way home we have to stop off and order $72 worth of chinese food for the two of us. Yes, seriously. But only because "The Place With The Good Steak&Cheese" was already closed. So, there you have it, one man from Argentina's glimpse into what good ole' Americans do for fun on a Friday night.

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